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Home gyms are the machines that are used to get full body workout at homes. These machines mostly incorporates weights and enables the users to do a wide range of exercises that are normally done at public gyms. In short, these machines are themselves a small gym. Due to the presence of these home gyms, people can enjoy high quality workout at their homes without paying the fee of any public gym. Also, they can save a lot of time because they are neither travelling to reach the gym or home nor they are waiting for their turn to use an equipment at a public gym. Following are the reviews related to best home gyms available in the market.

Home Gyms ProductProduct DimensionsProduct WeightDetailed ReviewsCustomer Reviews
90 x 19 x 43 inches83 poundsRead more 283 customer reviews
130 x 42 x 35 inches214 poundsRead more127 customer reviews
70 x 42 x 80 inches344 poundsRead more46 customer reviews
95 x 79 x 86 inches430 poundsRead more63 customer reviews
49 x 36 x 83 inches330 poundsRead more61 customer reviews

Total Gym XLS Trainer

Total Gym XLS Trainer big 1

Total Gym XLS Trainer is a terrific home gym which is highly appreciated by majority of its users. This product has been manufactured after significant amount of research and it differs from traditional home gyms in a way that it makes use of cable and pulley instead of weights and it relies upon the gravity and your own body weight in order to provide exercise facility. It can be raised or lowered to increase or decrease the difficulty or resistance level. Following are its main features.

Well Suited for Everyone

If you are willing to reduce weight or your intention is to build muscles, this product is extremely well suited for your needs. It can be safely employed by beginners as well as advanced users or exercisers. It provides several types of exercises or workouts and the user can do exactly what he or she wants to do by using this equipment. But keep in mind that the shape of human body also depends upon the diet in addition to workout routine, therefore, you must take balanced diet along with using this product and you will surely get tremendous results in very short time.

Ideal for Gaining Strength

If you haven’t done exercise for some time and now you want to gain some muscular strength, then this equipment can help you a lot in this regard. It enables you to strengthen you big as well as small muscle groups with high degree of ease. It is also extremely useful for women who want to increase their strength and endurance. It provides very efficient workout in order to increase muscle power.

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Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym big 2

This is the perfect home gym which enables you to do extremely high quality leg workout. It enables you to engage almost all the muscles of the legs and you don’t need any other machine to exercise any leg muscle after buying this equipment. In addition to legs, it also provides good workout facility for back and shoulders. It has following distinguishing features.

Replacement for Multiple Machines

This product can be considered as a replacement for multiple exercise machines. It has lat tower at the top which helps you in toning your back and shoulder muscles. The pulley helps you in exercising all your leg muscles thus providing you terrific leg and cardio workout. It enables you to customize your workout routine as per your requirement but if you don’t have much knowledge regarding how to do the exercise properly, you can use the placard that comes with this machine which provides very high quality twenty minute workout.

Use of Power Rod Technology

This machine incorporates power rod technology which provides you as much resistance as imposed by typical weight based systems but it doesn’t have much impact on your joints thus providing you much efficient but safe workout.

Enhanced Durability

This machine is one of the home gyms which provides enhanced durability and consistent performance. The units of this machine incorporating power rod technology are so strong that the company provided life time guarantee for these units. If at any time, you observe any problem or issue with these units, you can contact the manufacturer and they will immediately replace the unit for you.

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Powerline BSG10X Home Gym

Powerline BSG10X Home Gym big 3

This is extremely awesome product which provides you full body workout. It has the capability of providing various types of muscle building and strength training exercises. When delivered to you, it is ninety percent assembled and all you need to do is to install few bolts and you are ready to enjoy all the exercises offered by this cool equipment. Here is a list of its features.

Suitable for All Types of Users

This product has the capability of accommodating the users of various heights and weights. It offers terrific seat adjustment in order to facilitate users of various sizes and everyone can adjust its seat to enjoy convenient but good quality workout.

Strong and Durable

This is a strong and durable machine incorporating military grade cables. It works perfectly for years without much wear and tear thus enabling you to enjoy long term consistent workout facility without much maintenance cost.

Highly Compact

This is extremely compact equipment which takes very little space and you can very easily deploy and use it inside small room or area. It can easily be moved from one part of the house to another without much complication or discomfort.

Full Body Workout

This is the best home gym equipment which enables to do full body exercise. It helps you in strengthening all muscles groups from top to bottom of your body and it is also very efficient if used to build huge muscles.

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Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with big 4

This is a terrific home gym which offers wide range of exercise related options for various muscle groups. It is especially useful for toning chest, thighs and shoulders and you can do almost all the major chest and leg exercises using this single machine. Following is the list of its main features.

Good Quality Product

This body solid home gym has the capability of providing good quality full body workout. Although, it is comparatively bigger in size but still not too big and can easily be placed in a small room. It offers more exercise related options as compared to various other home gyms available in the market and you can tone your full body by employing this single machine.

Three in One

This home gym provides you three exercise machines in one equipment. You can use it to perform hundred different exercises which are normally possible in a public gym only. As a result, it provides you a lot of flexibility and you can customize your workout exactly as per your need and desire without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the workout.


This machine incorporates highly efficient and unique pulley systems which allows you to do movements similar to various sports related and normal routine tasks. Therefore, you can employ this machine in order to perform better in various sports or in routine life in addition to building muscles and strength.


This product comes with limited two years warranty on parts. Although the warranty is not much impressive, but without any doubt, it is one of the home gyms.

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Body Solid EXM1500S Home Gym

Body Solid EXM1500S Single big 5

This is terrific home gym which provides you fantastic workout to achieve almost everything. You can use it to build strength, lose weight, cardio training and build huge muscles. It enables you to tone your chest, back, legs, bicep, triceps and shoulders. Following is the list of its most appealing features.

Convenient Workout

This is the best home gym which enables you to get terrific fitness related results by just doing twenty minutes workout three days a week. You can lose weight, build strength and get impressive muscles without doing much labor or effort by making use of this machine.

Perfect Replacement for Public Gym

This is such an efficient that it can be considered as a perfect replace for a public gym. You can exercise every muscle and every part of your body while staying at the home and you’ll never feel the need to join a gym because of having this awesome product at your home. It has the capability of meeting all your exercise related objectives and goals, so just purchase this efficient equipment and start exercising.

Lifetime Warranty

This product comes with lifetime warranty, therefore, no need to worry about its durability and strength at all. Just purchase this machine with full confidence and enjoy your workout. This lifetime warranty offered by the company will surely increases your trust regarding this machine.

User Friendly Operation

It’s very easy to operate this machine and you can do all the exercises without facing much complexity. All you need to do is to insert the pin and start doing exercise. Without any doubt, it’s an easy to use home gym.

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The above besr home gyms reviews highlighted the main features of top selling home gyms of the world. These reviews will surely help you a lot if you are planning to purchase a home gym for yourself. Having maximum information about various home gyms available in the market is the only thing that can enable you to make the best decision regarding the purchase of the home gym that can fulfill all your requirements and exercise related wishes.